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20/10/2019 AMDavids Dilemma1 Samuel 24Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/10/2019 PMJohns VisionRevelation 1:9-20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/10/2019 AMA Bumper HarvestLuke 12: 13-21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/10/2019 PMThe Lord Jesus ChristRevelation 1:5-7Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/10/2019 AMGods Sovereignty1 Samuel 23Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/10/2019 PMRevelationRevelation 1:1-11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/10/2019 amGods sovereignty1 Samuel 23PhilDOWNLOAD
29/09/2019 AMThe Kindness of God2 Samuel 9Andy FeatherDOWNLOAD
29/09/2019 PMBeing Heavenly MindedCollosians 3:1-14Andy FeatherDOWNLOAD
22/09/2019 AMSilent But SovereignEsther 1Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
22/09/2019 pmEhudJudges 3:12 – 31Allan WilsonDOWNLOAD
15/09/2019 PMFeeding the 5 thousandJohn 6:1-40Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
08/09/2019 amLiving WaterJohn 4:1-42Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
01/09/2019 pmBeliefJohn 4:46-54Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
01/09/2019 AMDavid and Sauls Behaviour Contrasted1 Samuel 22Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/08/2019 PMPauls defence2 Corinthians 12:11-19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/08/2019 AMDavids Testing1 Samuel 21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/08/2019 AMFour Days in Davids Life1 Samuel 20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/08/2019 PMPrayerMatthew 6:5-13Kevin VondyDOWNLOAD
11/08/2019 AMSauls Jealousy and Gods Care1 Samuel 18 and 19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
11/08/2019 PMThe Wicked VinedressersMark 12:1-12Glenn WaltersDOWNLOAD
04/08/2019 AMDavid and Goliath1 Samuel 17:1-52Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/08/2019 PMBoasting2 Corinthians 11:16-12:10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/07/2019 AMIsaiah 40 part 1Isaiah 40:1-11John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
28/07/2019 PMIsaiah 40 part 2Isaiah 40:12-31John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
21/07/2019 PMPauls Defence Part 22 Corinthians 11:1-15Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/07/2019 AMThe Characteristics of BeliefJohn 12:37-50Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/07/2019 AMEyes on the LordExodus 17:1-13Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
14/07/2019 PMOthnielJudges 2:6-3:11Allan WilsonDOWNLOAD
07/07/2019 pmPauls defence2 corinthians 10philDOWNLOAD
07/07/2019 AMThe Characteristics of UnbeliefJohn 12:37-50Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/07/2019 pmPauls defence2 corinthians 10{hilDOWNLOAD
30/06/2019 AMJonah 3Jonah 3Norman HopkinsDOWNLOAD
30/06/2019 PMJonah 4Jonah 4Norman HopkinsDOWNLOAD
23/06/2019 AMJonah RunsJonah 1:1-11Norman HopkinsDOWNLOAD
23/06/2019 PMJonah Runs 2Jonah 1:11-17Norman HopkinsDOWNLOAD
16/06/2019 AMJesus DeathJohn 12:20-36Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/06/2019 PMGiving (2)2 Corinthians 9:1-15Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/06/2019 AMPalm SundayJohn 12:12-19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/06/2019 PMGiving2 Corinthians 8:1-24Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/06/2019 PMComfort2 Corinthians 7:5-16Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/06/2019 AMMary Anoints JesusJohn 12:1-11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
26/05/2019 PMPauls Command1 Corinthians 6:14-7:3Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
26/05/2019 AMOppositionJohn 11:45-57Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
19/05/2019 PMJonah and JesusJonah 1Dyfan WilliamsDOWNLOAD
19/05/2019 AMDemolishing StrongholdsActs 19:1-20Dyfan WilliamsDOWNLOAD
12/05/2019 AMI Am The Resurrection and The LifeJohn 11:17-27Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
12/05/2019 PMPauls Aims2 Corinthians 6:1-13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/05/2019 AMRaising LazarusJohn 11:1-44Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/05/2019 PMThe Love of Christ2 Corinthians 5:11-21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/04/2019 AMJesus IdentityJohn 10:22-42Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/04/2019 PMJudgesJudges 1;1-2:5Allan WilsonDOWNLOAD
21/04/2019 AM3 days that changed the worldMark 15Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
14/04/2019 AMThe King Who Offers PeaceLuke 19:28-48Andrew ColecloughDOWNLOAD
14/04/2019 PMFor A Time Such As ThisEsther 4Andrew ColecloughDOWNLOAD
07/04/2019 AMThe Good ShepherdJohn 10:7-21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/04/2019 PMThe Resurrection Body2 Corinthians 5:1-11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
31/03/2019 AMI Am the DoorJohn 10:1-13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
31/03/2019 PMThe Gospel Minister2 Corinthians 4Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/03/2019 AMNo Failing WordsActs 28Richard GambleDOWNLOAD
24/03/2019 PMThe lord our greatest joyPsalm 100Richard GambleDOWNLOAD
17/03/2019 PMOld & New Covenants2 Corinthians 3:6-18Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
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