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18/08/2019 AMFour Days in Davids Life1 Samuel 20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/08/2019 PMPrayerMatthew 6:5-13Kevin VondyDOWNLOAD
11/08/2019 AMSauls Jealousy and Gods Care1 Samuel 18 and 19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
11/08/2019 PMThe Wicked VinedressersMark 12:1-12Glenn WaltersDOWNLOAD
04/08/2019 AMDavid and Goliath1 Samuel 17:1-52Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/08/2019 PMBoasting2 Corinthians 11:16-12:10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/07/2019 AMIsaiah 40 part 1Isaiah 40:1-11John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
28/07/2019 PMIsaiah 40 part 2Isaiah 40:12-31John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
21/07/2019 PMPauls Defence Part 22 Corinthians 11:1-15Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/07/2019 AMThe Characteristics of BeliefJohn 12:37-50Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/07/2019 AMEyes on the LordExodus 17:1-13Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
14/07/2019 PMOthnielJudges 2:6-3:11Allan WilsonDOWNLOAD
07/07/2019 pmPauls defence2 corinthians 10philDOWNLOAD
07/07/2019 AMThe Characteristics of UnbeliefJohn 12:37-50Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/07/2019 pmPauls defence2 corinthians 10{hilDOWNLOAD
30/06/2019 AMJonah 3Jonah 3Norman HopkinsDOWNLOAD
30/06/2019 PMJonah 4Jonah 4Norman HopkinsDOWNLOAD
23/06/2019 AMJonah RunsJonah 1:1-11Norman HopkinsDOWNLOAD
23/06/2019 PMJonah Runs 2Jonah 1:11-17Norman HopkinsDOWNLOAD
16/06/2019 AMJesus DeathJohn 12:20-36Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/06/2019 PMGiving (2)2 Corinthians 9:1-15Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/06/2019 AMPalm SundayJohn 12:12-19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/06/2019 PMGiving2 Corinthians 8:1-24Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/06/2019 AMMary Anoints JesusJohn 12:1-11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/06/2019 PMComfort2 Corinthians 7:5-16Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
26/05/2019 PMPauls Command1 Corinthians 6:14-7:3Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
26/05/2019 AMOppositionJohn 11:45-57Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
19/05/2019 PMJonah and JesusJonah 1Dyfan WilliamsDOWNLOAD
19/05/2019 AMDemolishing StrongholdsActs 19:1-20Dyfan WilliamsDOWNLOAD
12/05/2019 AMI Am The Resurrection and The LifeJohn 11:17-27Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
12/05/2019 PMPauls Aims2 Corinthians 6:1-13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/05/2019 AMRaising LazarusJohn 11:1-44Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/05/2019 PMThe Love of Christ2 Corinthians 5:11-21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/04/2019 AMJesus IdentityJohn 10:22-42Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/04/2019 PMJudgesJudges 1;1-2:5Allan WilsonDOWNLOAD
21/04/2019 AM3 days that changed the worldMark 15Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
14/04/2019 PMFor A Time Such As ThisEsther 4Andrew ColecloughDOWNLOAD
14/04/2019 AMThe King Who Offers PeaceLuke 19:28-48Andrew ColecloughDOWNLOAD
07/04/2019 AMThe Good ShepherdJohn 10:7-21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/04/2019 PMThe Resurrection Body2 Corinthians 5:1-11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
31/03/2019 AMI Am the DoorJohn 10:1-13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
31/03/2019 PMThe Gospel Minister2 Corinthians 4Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/03/2019 AMNo Failing WordsActs 28Richard GambleDOWNLOAD
24/03/2019 PMThe lord our greatest joyPsalm 100Richard GambleDOWNLOAD
17/03/2019 PMOld & New Covenants2 Corinthians 3:6-18Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
17/02/2019 AMThe Woman Caught in AdulteryJohn 8:1-11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/02/2019 PMThe God of Comfort2 Corinthians 1:1-11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/01/2019 AMSearched and KnownPsalm 139Peter CampbellDOWNLOAD
27/01/2019 PMMisery to MissionMark 5:1-20Peter CampbellDOWNLOAD
20/01/2019 pmCreationGenesisAllan WilsonDOWNLOAD
20/01/2019 AMThe Right RelationshipExodus 19:1-8Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
13/01/2019 AMJesus IdentityJohn 7:32-52Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/01/2019 PMJesus TeachingJohn 7Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/01/2019 PMThe Christian Attitude to Good WorksEphesians 2:1-10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/01/2019 AMReactions to JesusJohn 7Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
30/12/2018 AMThe Christian Attitude to the LawDeuteronomy 5:1-21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
30/12/2018 AMThree meet the Baby JesusMatthew 2:1-12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
23/12/2018 AMAnnouncing Jesus Birth to JosephMatthew 1:18-25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/12/2018 AMAnnouncing Jesus BirthLuke 2:10-14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/12/2018 PMThe Christian Attitude to SundayExodus 20:8-11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/12/2018 AMThe Consequences of Saul Being Rejected by God1 Samuel 16:14-23Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/12/2018 PMThree wrongs (Part 2)1 Peter 2:19-25Matthew StrattonDOWNLOAD
02/12/2018 AMThree wrongs1 Peter 2:19-25Matthew StrattonDOWNLOAD
25/11/2018 AMJesus calms the stormMark 4Nathan JavadDOWNLOAD
18/11/2018 amDavid anointed as king1 Samuel 16:1-13philDOWNLOAD
18/11/2018 PMThe Christian Attitude to SingingEphesians 5:8-21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
11/11/2018 AMRemembrance SundayRomans 5:1-11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/11/2018 AMGod Rejects Saul1 Samuel 15Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/11/2018 PMThe Christian Attitude to Guidance2 Timothy 3:10-17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/10/2018 AMThe School of FaithMark 6:45-52John GaultDOWNLOAD
28/10/2018 PMPsalm 142Psalm 142John GaultDOWNLOAD
21/10/2018 AMSaul Jonathan and the Philistines1 Samuel 14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/10/2018 pmThe Christian Attitude to TV, Internet & Social MediaRomans 14:1-13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/10/2018 PMThe Beatitudes 2Matthew 5:1-12Mick LockwoodDOWNLOAD
14/10/2018 AMThe BeatitudesMatthew 5:1-12Mick LockwoodDOWNLOAD
07/10/2018 AMSauls Impatience1 Samuel 13PhilDOWNLOAD
07/10/2018 pmThe Christian Attitude to LeisureMark 6:7-13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
30/09/2018 AMFear Serve and Obey the Lord1 Samuel 12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
30/09/2018 PMThe Christian Attitude to Money1 Timothy 6:3-19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
23/09/2018 AMSaul becomes King1 Samuel 11PhilDOWNLOAD
23/09/2018 PMThe Christian Attitude to WorkPhilDOWNLOAD
16/09/2018 AMPsalm 23Psalm 23Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
16/09/2018 PMThe Gospel of JohnJohn 1:1-18Allan WilsonDOWNLOAD
09/09/2018 AMEncourage One AnotherHebrews 3:1-14John BentonDOWNLOAD
09/09/2018 PMHonour one AnotherJohn BentonDOWNLOAD
02/09/2018 AMLove one another1 John 4:7-21John BentonDOWNLOAD
02/09/2018 PMForgive One AnotherEphesians 4:17-5:1John BentonDOWNLOAD
26/08/2018 AMDoubtLuke 7:11-23John GaultDOWNLOAD
26/08/2018 PMDisillusionmentPsalm 73John GaultDOWNLOAD
19/08/2018 AMSaul Anointed as King1 Samuel 9-10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/08/2018 AMThe People want a King1 Samuel 8Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
12/08/2018 PMConcluding Comments Part 21 Cor. 16:13–24Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/08/2018 AMThe Stages of Repentance1 Samuel 7Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/08/2018 PMHell and HeavenLuke 16:19–31Allan WilsonDOWNLOAD
29/07/2018 AMLight and Darkness1 Samuel 5:1-6:21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/07/2018 PMPauls concluding thoughts1 Cor. 16:1–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/07/2018 PMOur Resurrection Body1 Corinthian 15 35-58Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/07/2018 AMIchabod1 Samuel 3Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/07/2018 PMThe Resurrection Part 21 Corinthians 15 20-34Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/07/2018 AMSamuels Call1 Samuel 3:1-21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/07/2018 AMThe Resurrection1 Cor 15 vs 1-20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/07/2018 PMElis Two Sons1 Sam 2 vs 12-26Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/07/2018 AMThe AscensionActs 1John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
01/07/2018 PMThe PentecostActs 2John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
24/06/2018 AMThe CrucifictionJohn 18:28-37John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
24/06/2018 PMMark 16:1-8Mark 16:1-8John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
17/06/2018 AMDont Give UpRodger DaviesDOWNLOAD
17/06/2018 PMThe Church at AntiochActs 2:37-47Roger DaviesDOWNLOAD
10/06/2018 PMPrinciples for Public Worship1 Corinthians 14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/06/2018 AMHannahs Prayer Answered1 Sam 1Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/06/2018 PMBeing Spiritual1 Corinthians 13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/06/2018 amHow it all began1 Samuel 1:1-19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/05/2018 PMOne Body1 Corinthians 12:21-31Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/05/2018 AMToo Hard to StomachJohn 6:60-71Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/05/2018 AMAbiding in ChristJohn 6: 52-59Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/05/2018 PMBeing Spiritual1 Corinthians 12:1-11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/05/2018 AMI am the Bread of LifeJohn 6:22-51Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/05/2018 PMThe Lords Supper1 Cor 11:17–34Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/05/2018 PMGospel ServentsPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/05/2018 amAwful and AwesomeJohn 6:13–21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/04/2018 amTrue WorshipRom. 12:1Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
29/04/2018 pmAn overview of MatthewMatt. 11:28–30Allan WilsonDOWNLOAD
22/04/2018 amFeeding the Five ThousandJohn 6:1–13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/04/2018 pmWomen in the Church1 Cor 11:2–16Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/04/2018 PMMore on Liberty & FreedomCorinthians 10:14-33Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/04/2018 AMWitnesses to Jesus the Son of GodPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/04/2018 AMWitnesses to Jesus the Son of GodJohn 5:31-47Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/04/2018 pmMisusing your Privileges1 Cor 10:1–13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/04/2018 amJesus Son of GodJohn 5:19–30Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/04/2018 AMWho is the Jesus of Good Friday?Matthew 26:57-67; 27:22-50Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/03/2018 amA Nation on Trial, Part 3Micah 6–7Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
18/03/2018 AMWho Is Jesus?Mark 8:22-30Alistair SimmsDOWNLOAD
18/03/2018 PMSowing The SeedMark 4:1-20Alistair SimmsDOWNLOAD
11/03/2018 amMan made religionJohn 5:1–18Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
11/03/2018 pmThe Priority of the Gospel1 Corinthians 9:1–27Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/03/2018 AMHealing at the Pool of BethsedaJohn 5: 1-PhilDOWNLOAD
04/03/2018 pmFood offered to idols1 Corinthians 8PhilDOWNLOAD
28/02/2018 AMThe Noblemans SonJohn 4:43–54Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/02/2018 pmMarriage Part 21 Cor. 7Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/02/2018 amMission (segment missing)John 4:43–54Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/02/2018 pmMarriage Part 11 Cor. 7Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
11/02/2018 amElisha’s Life-Changing Moment1 Kings 19Andrew ColecloughDOWNLOAD
11/02/2018 pmLaw Courts and Christian Liberty1 Cor. 6Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/02/2018 amA Nation on Trial, Part 2Micah 3–5Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
04/02/2018 pmThe House2 Sam. 6–7Cedric OwenDOWNLOAD
28/01/2018 amA Nation on Trial, Part 1Micah 1–2Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
28/01/2018 pmGenesis 3Gen. 3Allan WilsonDOWNLOAD
21/01/2018 pmSexual Immorality and Church Discipline1 Cor. 5Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/01/2018 amGod and WorshipJohn 4:23–24Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/01/2018 pmFurther Dangers to Avoid1 Cor. 4Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/01/2018 amThe Woman at the WellJohn 4:3–30Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
31/12/2017 pmTwo Dangers and One Antidote1 Cor. 3:18–23Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/12/2017 amWhat the Shepherds Saw and HeardLuke 2:1–20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/12/2017 pmJosephMatt. 1:18–25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/12/2017 amPredictions of Jesus’ BirthIs. 9:1–9Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
17/12/2017 amBaptismJohn 3:22–23Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/12/2017 pmThe Preacher1 Cor. 3:1–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/12/2017 amJesus Lifted UpJohn 3:13–21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/12/2017 amWhy Jesus?Matt. 1:18–25Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
03/12/2017 pmA Tale of Two CitiesPs. 137Cedric OwenDOWNLOAD
26/11/2017 pmGood and Bad Preaching1 Cor. 2:1–16Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
26/11/2017 amYou Must Be Born Again (Truncated)John 3:1–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
19/11/2017 amThe Kingdom of God John 3:1–21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
19/11/2017 pmWisdom in Salvation1 Cor. 1:18–31Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
12/11/2017 amCleansing the TempleJohn 2:13–25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
12/11/2017 pmDisunity at Corinth1 Cor. 1:4–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/11/2017 amJesus’ First MiracleJohn 2:1–11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/11/2017 pmGuy Fawkes1 Kings 18:21–39Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/10/2017 pmThe Lord Who HealsExodus 15Stephen ElseDOWNLOAD
29/10/2017 amClosing RemarksCol. 4:7–18Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
22/10/2017 amHarvest ThanksgivingEph. 5:15–21; 1 Thess. 5:14–22Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/10/2017 pmIntroduction to 1 Corinthians1 Cor. 1:1–3Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/10/2017 amJesus Calls Five DisciplesJohn 1:35–51Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/10/2017 pmPeter’s Four Closing RemarksJohn 1:35–51Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/10/2017 amThe Lamb of GodJohn 1:29–36Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/10/2017 amThe Other JohnJohn 1:15–36Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/10/2017 pmThe Second Coming of Jesus2 Pet. 3:1–10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/09/2017 pmFalse Teachers Part 22 Pet. 2:12–22Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/09/2017 amIntroduction to John’s GospelJohn 1:1–18Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
17/09/2017 amWho Is Jesus?John 7:25–36John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
17/09/2017 pmA Question, an Answer, and a ChallengeJohn 10:22–42John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
10/09/2017 amThe First SignJohn 2:1–12John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
10/09/2017 pmFood, Fields & FaithJohn 4:27–42John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
03/09/2017 amThe Life of Joseph Part 11Gen. 50Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/09/2017 pmJesus and NicodemusJn. 3:1–21Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
27/08/2017 pmGuard Against Heretics2 Pet. 2:1–11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/08/2017 amThe Life of Joseph Part 10Gen. 47:27–50:14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/08/2017 amThe Life of Joseph Part 9Gen. 46–47Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/08/2017 pmThe Shepherd and His SheepJohn 10:1–18Kevin VondyDOWNLOAD
13/08/2017 pmThree Things to Remember1 Pe. 1:12–21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/08/2017 pmYou Must Be Born AgainJohn 3:1–12Glenn WaltersDOWNLOAD
06/08/2017 amDoubting Thomas?Jn. 20:24–31Cedric OwenDOWNLOAD
30/07/2017 pmThe Wedding FeastJohn 2:1–11Cedric OwenDOWNLOAD
30/07/2017 amPrayer and WitnessCol. 4:2–18Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
23/07/2017 amJoseph’s TrickGen. 44Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
23/07/2017 pmWhom Will You Worship?Ps. 98Jim SayersDOWNLOAD
16/07/2017 amA Second Visit to EgyptGen. 43Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/07/2017 pmIntroduction to 2 Peter2 Pet. 1:1–11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/07/2017 amThe Life of Joseph Part 5Gen. 42Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/07/2017 pmA Verse Worth Pondering1 Peter 5Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/07/2017 amThe Life of Joseph Part 4Gen. 41Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/07/2017 pmPeter’s Closing Remarks1 Pet. 5Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/06/2017 amFaith AloneRom. 3:10–31John BentonDOWNLOAD
25/06/2017 pmGrace AloneEph. 2:1–10John BentonDOWNLOAD
18/06/2017 amGlory to God AloneRom. 11:25–12:2John BentonDOWNLOAD
18/06/2017 pmScripture Alone2 Timothy 3:1–4:5John BentonDOWNLOAD
11/06/2017 pmThe First Disciples of JesusJohn 1:35–42Glenn WaltersDOWNLOAD
04/06/2017 amThe Life of Joseph Part 3Gen. 40Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/06/2017 pmCrucial Thoughts About Holy Living and Suffering1 Pet. 4:7–19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/05/2017 amThe Life of Joseph Part 2Gen. 39Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/05/2017 pmYour Mind1 Pet. 4:1–7Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/05/2017 amThe Life of Joseph Part 1Gen. 37:1–36Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/05/2017 pmHoly Living in the Face of Persecution1 Pet. 3:13–4:1Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/05/2017 amInter-church Relations1 Cor. 16:1–20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/05/2017 pmFurther Instructions for Holy Living1 Pet. 3:1–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/05/2017 pmHow to Be Holy1 Pet. 2:13–25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/05/2017 amImpressions of the Church1 Cor. 13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
30/04/2017 amGodly RelationshipsCol. 3:18–4:1Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
30/04/2017 pmChronicles2 Chr. 36:22–23; 1 Chr. 1:1–3; 4:9–10Allan WilsonDOWNLOAD
23/04/2017 amFunctions of the Church Towards Unbelievers1 Thess. 1:2–10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
23/04/2017 amFunctions of the Church Towards Unbelievers1 Thess. 1:2–10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/04/2017 amGood Friday – A Strange TitleMark 15:11–37Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/04/2017 pmEaster Sunday – An Incredible Story1 Cor. 15:1–22Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/04/2017 pmHoliness1 Pet. 1:13–2:2Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/04/2017 pmTruths About the Believer1 Pet. 1:6–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/04/2017 amThe Organisation of the Church Part 11 Tim. 3:1–13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
26/03/2017 amFunctions of the Church Part 2Acts 2:37-47Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
26/03/2017 pmIntroduction to 1 Peter1 Peter 1:1-5Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
19/03/2017 amFunctions of the Church Part 1John 4:1–25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
19/03/2017 pmThe New Character Part 3Col. 3:12–17Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
12/03/2017 amThe Role of the Church1 Tim. 3:1–16Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
12/03/2017 pmThe New Character Part 2Col. 3:1–17Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
05/03/2017 amThe Church – FoundationsEph. 2:11–22Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/03/2017 pmThe Longer TermDaniel 11:36–12:13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
26/02/2017 amThe Church – Its Origins and CharacterActs 1:4–8;2:41–47Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
26/02/2017 pmDaniel’s Final Vision of the FutureDaniel 11:1–35Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
19/02/2017 amWhat Is the Church?Matt. 16:13–19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
19/02/2017 pmChrist Visits DanielDaniel 10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
12/02/2017 pmWill You Listen to the Voice of Jesus?1 Kings 22:1–40Jeremy TaylorDOWNLOAD
05/02/2017 amDivided OpinionLuke 4:14–30Andrew ColecloughDOWNLOAD
05/02/2017 pmSing to the Lord a New SongPs. 96Andrew ColecloughDOWNLOAD
29/01/2017 amJesus Christ in the Old TestamentIs. 52:13–53:12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/01/2017 pmSeventy WeeksDan. 9Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/01/2017 pmThe New Character Part 1Col. 3:1–17Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
15/01/2017 amThe Messianic PsalmPsalm 22Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/01/2017 pmDaniel’s VisionDaniel 8Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/01/2017 amPaul’s Final CommentsRom. 16:17–27Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/01/2017 pmDaniel’s First DreamDaniel 7Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/01/2017 amFacing the Future2 Chron. 14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/01/2017 pmDaniel in the Lion’s DenDaniel 6Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/12/2016 amReactions to JesusLuke 2:8–17, 25-32; Matt. 2:1–2, 11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/12/2016 pmThe Mystery of the IncarnationJohn 1:1–14; 1 Tim. 3:14–16Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/12/2016 amThe Church in RomeRom. 16:1–16Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
11/12/2016 pmSin, Wrath, GraceGen. 4:25–6:9Daniel NeadesDOWNLOAD
11/12/2016 amPaul the ManRom. 15:14–33Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/12/2016 amMaintaining UnityRom. 5:1–13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/12/2016 pmBelshazzar’s FeastDaniel 5Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/11/2016 pmNebuchadnezzar’s ConversionDaniel 4Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/11/2016 amChristian LibertyRom. 14:13–23Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/11/2016 amChristian LibertyRom. 14:1–13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/11/2016 pmThe Fiery FurnaceDaniel 3Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/11/2016 amSacrificial Living in SocietyRom. 13:8–14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/11/2016 pmThe King’s First DreamDaniel 2Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/11/2016 amGovernmentRom. 13:1–7Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/11/2016 pmIntroduction to DanielDaniel 1Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
30/10/2016 pmJehovah ShalomJudges 6Stephen ElseDOWNLOAD
23/10/2016 pmPrayerJames 5:13–20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
23/10/2016 amSacrificial LivingRom. 12:1–21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/10/2016 amThe Witness of HarvestActs 14:8–18Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/10/2016 pmJesus, the Source of LifeCol. 3:1–11Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
09/10/2016 amChristian LivingRom. 12:1–2Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/10/2016 pmWords to the Rich, and to BelieversJames 5:1–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/10/2016 pmPlanningJames 4:13–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/10/2016 amProvidence TriumphsEsther 8–10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/09/2016 amThings Begin to TurnEsther 6Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/09/2016 pmSubmitting to GodJames 4:1–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/09/2016 amTitus Part 3Titus 2John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
18/09/2016 pmTitus Part 4Titus 3John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
11/09/2016 amTitus Part 1Titus 1:1–9John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
11/09/2016 pmTitus Part 2Titus 1:10–2:10John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
04/09/2016 amThe House of MercyJohn 5:1–18Stephen BartonDOWNLOAD
04/09/2016 pmThe GospelGal. 1Stephen BartonDOWNLOAD
28/08/2016 amThe Plot ThickensEsther 4–5Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/08/2016 pmWisdomJames 3:13–18Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/08/2016 amEsther 2Esther 2:1–3:15Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/08/2016 pmThe TongueJames 3:1–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/08/2016 amEsther 1Esther 1Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/08/2016 pm1 Kings 131 Kings 13Kevin VondyDOWNLOAD
07/08/2016 amPaul’s DoxologyRom. 11:33–36Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/08/2016 pmFaith and Works Part 2James 2:14–26Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
31/07/2016 amThe Future of the Jews (Part 2)Rom. 11:17–32Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
31/07/2016 pmFaith and WorksJames 2:1–13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/07/2016 amThe Future of the JewsRom. 10:18–11:16Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/07/2016 pmHearing and DoingJames 1:19–27Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
17/07/2016 pmWisdom, Status & TemptationJames 1:5–18Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
17/07/2016 amThe Wrong Way and Right Way to GodRom. 9:30–10:17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/07/2016 amPaul’s SorrowRom. 9:1–29Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/07/2016 pmIntroduction to JamesJames 1:1–4Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/07/2016 amNatural ReligionCol. 2:16–23Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
03/07/2016 pmThe Word of God1 Pe. 1:22–2:3Kevin VondyDOWNLOAD
26/06/2016 pmA New WorldCol. 2:1–15Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
19/06/2016 amThe Healing at the PoolJohn 5:1–15Andrew ColecloughDOWNLOAD
19/06/2016 pmJesus Washes the Feet of His DisciplesJohn 13:1–17Andrew ColecloughDOWNLOAD
12/06/2016 amBless the LordPs. 103Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
12/06/2016 pmEzekiel’s Temple Part 2Eze. 38–48; Rev. 21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/06/2016 pmEzekiel’s TempleEze. 38–48Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/06/2016 amSufferingRom. 8:17–39Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/05/2016 amAn HeirRom. 8:12–18Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/05/2016 pmHuman Philosophy, or ChristCol. 2:1–10Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
22/05/2016 amAssuranceRom. 8:1–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/05/2016 pmThe Valley of Dry BonesEze. 37:1–14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/05/2016 amAdoptionRom. 8:14–15Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/05/2016 pmBad and Good ShepherdsEze. 34Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/05/2016 pmThe WatchmanEze. 33Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/05/2016 amIs the Law Sinful?Rom. 7:7–24Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/05/2016 pmGod and the NationsEze. 25–32Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/04/2016 amThe Place of the LawRom. 6:15–7:6Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/04/2016 pmPaul’s BurdenCol. 1:24–2:5Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
17/04/2016 pmLessons from the Two SistersEze. 23Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
17/04/2016 amOld and New MastersRom. 6:1–14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/04/2016 amAdam & Christ ContrastedRom. 5:12–21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/04/2016 pmIndividual ResponsibilityEze. 18:1–32Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/04/2016 amThe Benefits of Justification by FaithRom. 5:1–11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/04/2016 pmFalse ProphetsEze. 13:1–16; Matt. 7:15–23Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/03/2016 amFive Truths about Jesus’ DeathPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/03/2016 pmThe Easter WeekendJohn 20:1–10, 19–31; 1 Cor. 15:1–8Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/03/2016 amAn Example of Justification by FaithRom. 4Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/03/2016 pmPhilemonPhilemon 1–20Glenn WaltersDOWNLOAD
13/03/2016 amAn Authentic MinisterCol. 1:24–29Adrian TickleDOWNLOAD
06/03/2016 amJustification by FaithRom. 3:21–31Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/03/2016 pmWarnings About the FutureEze. 12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/02/2016 amSome ObjectionsRom. 3:1–20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/02/2016 pmNew Covenant PredictedEze. 11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/02/2016 amBoastingRom. 2:17–29Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/02/2016 pmIdolatryEze. 6–9Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/02/2016 amJudgmentRom. 2:1–16Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/02/2016 pmJerusalemEze. 4:1–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/02/2016 amWhy Is the Gospel Necessary?Rom. 1:18–32Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/02/2016 pmEzekiel’s CallingEze. 2–3Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
31/01/2016 amWhat Is the Gospel?Rom. 1:1–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/01/2016 amThe Book of RomansRom. 1Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/01/2016 pmThe Book of EzekielEze. 1Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
17/01/2016 pmThe Kinsman RedeemerRuth 3Stephen ElseDOWNLOAD
10/01/2016 amThe End of Judah2 Kings 24–25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/01/2016 amJosiah’s Reforms2 Kings 23:1–25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/01/2016 pmWhat Do You Know About the Decrees of God?Is. 46:8–13; Eph. 1:1–11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/12/2015 amJosiah and the Book of the Law2 Kings 22:1–20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/12/2015 pmWhat Do You Know About God the Holy Spirit?John 14:16–26; Acts 5:1–11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/12/2015 amWhat’s In a Name?VariousPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/12/2015 amKings Manasseh and Amon2 Kings 21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/12/2015 pmWhat Do You Know About the Lord Jesus Christ?John 1:1–14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/12/2015 amTaking Your Eye Off the Lord2 Kings 20:12–21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/12/2015 pmWhat Do You Know About God the Father?Ps. 99:1–9; Matt. 6:6–13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/11/2015 amHezekiah’s Illness2 Kings 20:1-11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/11/2015 pmWhat Do You Know About the TrinityIsaiah 55:8-9Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/11/2015 amHezekiah Under Pressure (Part 2)2 Kings 19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/11/2015 pmWhat Do You Know About the Bible? (Part 2)Rev. 15:1–4; 2 Tim. 3:10–17; 2 Pet. 1:15–2:3Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/11/2015 amHezekiah Under Pressure2 Kings 18:9–37Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/11/2015 pmWhat Do You Know About the Bible (Part 1)2 Tim. 3:10–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/11/2015 amKing Hezekiah2 Kings 18:1–8Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/11/2015 pmOropJohn 3:16Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/11/2015 amA Fatal Mistake2 Kings 17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/11/2015 pmTwo More Instructions2 Thess. 3:6–18Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/10/2015 pmDavid and Goliath1 Sam. 17Glenn WaltersDOWNLOAD
25/10/2015 amGod and His CreationGen. 1:1–2:3Daniel NeadesDOWNLOAD
18/10/2015 amTwo Contrasting Kings2 Kings 15:32–16:20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/10/2015 pmPrayer2 Thess. 3:1–5Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
11/10/2015 amGood News of HarvestActs 14:8–20Dyfan WilliamsDOWNLOAD
11/10/2015 pmThe Journey of FaithGen. 46Dyfan WilliamsDOWNLOAD
04/10/2015 amFive Kings in Israel and Three Relevant Lessons For Us2 Kings 15:8–31Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/10/2015 pmWhat is a Christian?2 Thess. 2:13–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/09/2015 pmThe Return of Jesus2 Thess. 2:1–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/09/2015 amTwo Contrasting Kings2 Kings 14:23–15:7Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/09/2015 amKing Amaziah – Pride Comes Before a Fall2 Kings 14:1–22Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/09/2015 pmEncouragement2 Thess. 3–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/09/2015 amLuke 11:1–13Luke 11:1–13John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
13/09/2015 pmIsaiah 11:15–12:6Isaiah 11:15–12:6John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
06/09/2015 amLuke 9:51–62Luke 9:51–62John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
06/09/2015 pmIsaiah 1:1–20Isaiah 1:1–20John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
30/08/2015 amThe Way to HonourProv. 15:24–33Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
30/08/2015 pmThe Return of Jesus1 Thess. 5:12–28Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
23/08/2015 amThe Way to WisdomProv. 15:33Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
23/08/2015 pmThe Return of Jesus1 Thess. 5:1–11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/08/2015 amGalileeMatt. 28:16–20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/08/2015 pmPraising God for ForgivenessPs. 103Glenn WaltersDOWNLOAD
09/08/2015 amThe Consequences of the ResurrectionMatt. 28:1–15Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/08/2015 amThe Consequences of the Cross Part 2Matt. 28:1–15Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/08/2015 pmSanctification1 Thess. 4:1–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
26/07/2015 amThe Consequences of the CrossMatt. 27:51–61Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
19/07/2015 pmThankfulnessCol. 1:3–18Kevin VondyDOWNLOAD
12/07/2015 pmPerseverance1 Thess. 2:13–20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
12/07/2015 amThe Crucifixion of JesusMatt. 27:27–50Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/07/2015 amJesus’ Civilian TrialsMatt. 27:11–26Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/07/2015 pmCommunicating the Gospel1 Thess. 2:1–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/06/2015 amJudas IscariotMatt. 27:1–10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/06/2015 pmThanksgiving1 Thess. 2:2–10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/06/2015 amPeter’s DenialsMatt. 26:60–75Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/06/2015 pmIntroduction to 1 and 2 Thessalonians1 & 2 ThessaloniansPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/06/2015 amThe Religious Trials of JesusMatt. 26:57–27:2Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/06/2015 pmLaw and GraceRom. 5:12–21Glenn WaltersDOWNLOAD
07/06/2015 pmNehemiah Returns to JerusalemNeh. 13PhilDOWNLOAD
31/05/2015 amThe Humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ Part 3Luke 2:41–3:4; 3:18–22; Is. 50:4–11Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
31/05/2015 pmThe Humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ Part 4Luke 23:39–43; 2 Thess. 1:1–12Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
24/05/2015 amThe Humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ Part 1Phil. 2:1–13; 1 John 4:1–6Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
24/05/2015 pmThe Humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ Part 2Luke 1:26–38; 2:36–40Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
17/05/2015 amThe Garden of GethsemaneMatt. 26:31–46Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
17/05/2015 pmThanksgivingNeh. 12:27–43Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/05/2015 amThe Passover MealMatt. 26:17–30Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/05/2015 pmThe People of JerusalemNeh. 11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/05/2015 amAttitudes to JesusMatt. 26:1–14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/05/2015 pmHolinessNeh. 10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
26/04/2015 amThe Day of JudgmentMatt. 25:31–46Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
19/04/2015 amSlavesRom. 6Brian EllisDOWNLOAD
19/04/2015 pmChurch Life PrinciplesNeh. 7–8Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
12/04/2015 pmGlean in Christ’s FieldRuth 2Stephen ElseDOWNLOAD
05/04/2015 pmWhy Is the Resurrection of Jesus Important?Luke 24:1–12; 36–49Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/04/2015 amWhy Is Jesus’ Death Important?Mark 15:6-47Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/03/2015 pmFurther OppositionNeh. 6Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/03/2015 amThe Parable of the TalentsMatt. 25:14–30Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/03/2015 pmProblems WithinNeh. 5Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/03/2015 amBe Holy for I Am Holy1 Pet. 1:13–25Andrew ColecloughDOWNLOAD
15/03/2015 amJesus’ ReturnMatt. 24:29–25:13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/03/2015 pmOppositionNeh. 4Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/03/2015 amThe FutureMatt. 24Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/03/2015 pmConstruction of the WallsNeh. 3Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/03/2015 amReligion vs. ChristianityMatt. 23Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/03/2015 pmGod’s ProvidenceNeh. 2Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/02/2015 amHypocrisyMatt. 23Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/02/2015 pmIntroduction to NehemiahNeh. 1Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/02/2015 amAttempts to Entrap JesusMatt. 22:14–46Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/02/2015 pmWhat Is a Christian? A Believer.VariousPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/02/2015 amThe Parable of the Wedding FeastMatt. 22:1–14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/02/2015 pmWhat Is a Christian? A Saint.Eph. 3:8–21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/02/2015 pmWhat Is a Christian? A Child.Rom. 8:12–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/02/2015 amJesus’ Authority QuestionedMatt. 21:23–46Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/01/2015 amCursing the Fig TreeMatt. 21:18–22Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/01/2015 pmWhat Is a Christian? A Living Stone.1 Peter 2:1–10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/01/2015 amJesus Cleanses the TempleMatt. 21:12–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/01/2015 pmJesus Comes to JerusalemMark 11:1–11Glenn WaltersDOWNLOAD
11/01/2015 pmFearfully and Wonderfully MadePs. 139Kevin VondyDOWNLOAD
04/01/2015 amSerious Questions for 20152 Cor. 13:1–10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/01/2015 pmWhat Is a Christian? A Witness.Acts 1:1–11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/12/2014 amYour Greatest Need for 20151 Cor. 10:23–33Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/12/2014 amChristmas Traditions and TruthsLuke 2:1–20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/12/2014 amJesus the KingMatt. 21:1–11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/12/2014 pmWhat Is a Christian? A Soldier.Eph. 6:10–18Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/12/2014 amJesus Approaches JerusalemMatt. 20:17–34Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/12/2014 pmWhat Is a Christian? A Sheep.John 10:1–14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
30/11/2014 amThe FutureMatt. 19:27–20:16Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
23/11/2014 pmJesus and the Little ChildrenMark 10:13–16Glenn WaltersDOWNLOAD
23/11/2014 amWho Can Be Saved?Matt. 19:13–26Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/11/2014 pmWhat Is a Christian? A Steward of God.1 Pet. 4:1–11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/11/2014 amEncouragement for the Small Church1 Cor. 1:18–31John BentonDOWNLOAD
15/11/2014 amGrace Women’s Conference 2014 Session 1 – The Choices We MakeLuke 9:51–62Ann BentonDOWNLOAD
15/11/2014 amGrace Women’s Conference 2014 Session 2 – The Holiness We FakeLuke 10:25–42Ann BentonDOWNLOAD
15/11/2014 pmGrace Women’s Conference 2014 Session 3 – The Treasure We TakeLuke 12:13–34Ann BentonDOWNLOAD
09/11/2014 amMarriage and DivorceMatt. 19:1–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/11/2014 pmWhat Is a Christian? A Servant of God.VariousPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/11/2014 pmRuth 2:8–12Ruth 2:8–12Stephen ElseDOWNLOAD
26/10/2014 amGod’s Big PictureEph. 1:3–10Andrew ColecloughDOWNLOAD
26/10/2014 pmWhat Every Christian Needs to KnowEph. 1:15–23Andrew ColecloughDOWNLOAD
19/10/2014 amForgetting GodDeut. 8:10–20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
19/10/2014 pmWhat Is a Christian? A Friend of God.VariousPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
12/10/2014 amJacob’s Family BereavedGen. 35Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
12/10/2014 pmWhat Is a Christian? A Brother or Sister.VariousPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/10/2014 amThe Life of Jacob – Family LifeGen. 34Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/10/2014 pmWhat Is a Christian? An Heir.VariousPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/09/2014 pmWhat Is a Christian? A Son.VariousPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/09/2014 amJacob Meets Esau Part 2Gen. 33Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/09/2014 amJacob Meets EsauGen. 32–33Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/09/2014 pmWhat Is a Christian? A Disciple.VariousPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/09/2014 pmMatthew the Tax CollectorLuke 5:27–32John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
14/09/2014 amJesus Heals a ParalyticLuke 5:17–26John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
07/09/2014 pmJesus Cleanses a LeperLuke 5:12–16John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
07/09/2014 amLuke 5 – Part 1Luke 5:1–11John McDonaldDOWNLOAD
31/08/2014 pmTwo Church Members Contrasted3 JohnPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
31/08/2014 amThe Lives of Isaac and Jacob – ReconciliationGen. 31:17-55Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/08/2014 amThe Lives of Isaac and Jacob – Jacob and LabanGen. 30:25–31:17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/08/2014 pmThe Second Letter of John2 JohnPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
17/08/2014 amThe Lives of Isaac and Jacob – Conflict and TroubleGen. 29:28–30:24Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
17/08/2014 pmPaul’s ConclusionGal. 6:11–18Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/08/2014 amThe Lives of Isaac and Jacob – Romance and IntrigueGen. 29:1–30Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/08/2014 amJacob’s DreamGen. 28Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/07/2014 amThe Lives of Jacob and Isaac – DeceptionGen. 27Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/07/2014 amHistory Repeats ItselfGen. 26Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/07/2014 amThe Two Lives of Isaac and Jacob – ElectionGen. 25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/07/2014 amThe Lives of Isaac and JacobGen. 25:19–34Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/07/2014 pmGod’s Inviolable PromiseGal. 3:15–29Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/06/2014 amDiscipline and ForgivenessMatt. 18:15–35Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/06/2014 pmPaul’s Deep ConcernGal. 3:1–14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/06/2014 amNicodemus Visits JesusJohn 3:1–21Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
22/06/2014 pmThe Samaritan WomanJohn 4Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
15/06/2014 amJesus Reveals His GloryJohn 2:1–12Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
15/06/2014 pmJesus Cleanses the TempleJohn 2:13–22Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
08/06/2014 pmPaul Defends the GospelGal. 2:11–21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/06/2014 amWho is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?Matt. 18:1–14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/06/2014 pmPaul’s Visit to JerusalemGal. 2:1–10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/06/2014 amThree EventsMatt. 14:14–27Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/05/2014 amJesus’ TransfigurationMatt. 17:1–13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/05/2014 pmThe Origins of Paul’s GospelGal. 1:6–24Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/05/2014 pmIntroduction to GalatiansGal. 1:1–6Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/05/2014 amThe ChurchMatt. 16:18–28Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
11/05/2014 pmEulogies2 Kings 13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
11/05/2014 amMatthew 16:1–17Matthew 16:1–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/05/2014 pmKing Jehoash2 Kings 12:1–21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/05/2014 amGentiles and the KingdomMatt. 15:21–39Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/04/2014 pmQueen Athaliah2 Kings 11:1–20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/04/2014 amThe Spiritual HeartMatt. 15:1–20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/04/2014 amWas Jesus Successful in Dealing with Sin?VariousPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/04/2014 pmWhat If Jesus Did Not Rise From the Dead?1 Cor. 15:3–19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/04/2014 amWho Jesus IsMatt. 14:22–36Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/04/2014 pmKing Jehu2 Kings 10:12–36Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/04/2014 amThe Feeding of the 5,000 MenMatt. 14:13–21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
30/03/2014 pmThe Life of Elisha Part 22 Kings 8:16–27Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
30/03/2014 amReactions to the Gospel MessageMatt. 13:53–14:12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
23/03/2014 pmCain and AbelGen. 4:1-16Neil VondyDOWNLOAD
16/03/2014 amThe Kingdom of Heaven Part 2Matt. 13:24–52Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/03/2014 pmWhy Is the Church Here?Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/03/2014 amThe Kingdom of Heaven Part 1Matt. 13:24–52Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/03/2014 pmElisha and the Syrians Part 22 Kings 8:7–15Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/03/2014 amThe Parable of the SowerMatt. 13:3–9, 18–23Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/03/2014 pmThe Shunammite Woman2 Kings 8:1–6Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
23/02/2014 amParablesMatt. 13:1–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
23/02/2014 pmThe Life of Elisha2 Kings 6:24–7:20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/02/2014 amSignsMatt. 12:38–50Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/02/2014 pmElisha and the Syrians Part 12 Kings 6:8–23Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/02/2014 amA Charge Against ChristMatt. 12:22–37Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/02/2014 pmA Floating Axe Head2 Kings 6:1–7Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/02/2014 amThe Sabbath DayMatt. 12:1–21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/02/2014 pmGehazi’s Sin2 Kings 5:20–27Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
26/01/2014 amRuth 1:19–2:5Ruth 1:19–2:5Stephen ElseDOWNLOAD
26/01/2014 pmBe Prepared for Christ`s ReturnMatt. 24:42–51; 25:14–30Daniel NeadesDOWNLOAD
19/01/2014 pmServing With a Whole HeartPhil. 3:1–16Kevin VondyDOWNLOAD
12/01/2014 pmThe ParalyticMark 2:1–12Glenn WaltersDOWNLOAD
12/01/2014 amPlain Speaking Part 2Matt. 11:20–30Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/01/2014 amPlain SpeakingMatt. 11:20–30Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/01/2014 pmNaaman’s Healing2 Kings 5:1–19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/12/2013 amJohn’s QuestionMatt. 11:1–19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/12/2013 pmA Spiritual Checkup2 Cor. 13:1–10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
22/12/2013 amAn Amazing PredictionMicah 5:2–5Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/12/2013 amFinal InstructionsMatt. 10:32–42Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
15/12/2013 pmStew and Bread2 Kings 4:38–44Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/12/2013 amThe Spiritual Harvest Part 2Matt. 10:5–31Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/12/2013 pmElisha and the Shunammite Woman2 Kings 4:8–37Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/12/2013 pmThe Miracle of the Oil2 Kings 4:1–7Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/12/2013 amThe Spiritual Harvest Part 1Matt. 9:35–10:31Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/11/2013 pmRuth 2Ruth 2Stephen ElseDOWNLOAD
17/11/2013 amJesus’ AuthorityMatt. 9:1–35Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
17/11/2013 pmElisha and the Four Kings2 Kings 3:1–27Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/11/2013 amTaking Root2 Kings 19:20–31Andrew ColecloughDOWNLOAD
10/11/2013 pmElisha’s Ministry Begins2 Kings 2:12–25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/11/2013 amContending for the FaithJude 24–25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/11/2013 pmOur Aims As a Church – To Be Spirit-FilledEph. 5:18–19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
27/10/2013 amThe Healing at BethesdaJohn 5:1–27Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
27/10/2013 pmThe Feeding of the Five ThousandJohn 6:1–15Walter JohnstonDOWNLOAD
20/10/2013 amContending for the FaithJude 17–25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
20/10/2013 pmOur Aims as a Church – A Right View of Tradition1 Cor. 15:3–11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/10/2013 amHow to Contend for the FaithJude 17–23Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
13/10/2013 pmOur Aims As a Church – An Active Church Membership1 Cor. 12:12–28Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
06/10/2013 amContending for the Faith Part 2Jude 4–16Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/09/2013 amContending for the FaithJude 1–4Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
29/09/2013 pmOur Aims As a Church – A Praying PeopleActs 4:23–31; 12:5–19Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/09/2013 amThe Events in GergesaMatt. 8:28–34Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
08/09/2013 pmOur Aims as a Church Part 3 – A Worshipping ChurchJohn 4:5–26Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/09/2013 amDiscipleshipMatt. 8:18–27Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
01/09/2013 pmDoes God Exist?Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/08/2013 pmOur Aims as a Church Part 2 – A Growing People1 Thess. 4Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
25/08/2013 amJesus’ HealingsMatt. 8:1–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/08/2013 amA Solemn WarningMatt. 7:15–29Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
18/08/2013 pmPraisePs. 117; 57James RichardsonDOWNLOAD
11/08/2013 amFive SlogansMatt. 7:1–14Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
11/08/2013 pmOur Aims As a ChurchJohn 3:3–8Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/08/2013 AMWorryMatt. 6:25–34Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
04/08/2013 PMThe Local ChurchCol 4:7–18Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/07/2013 amPrioritiesMatt. 6:19–24Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/07/2013 pmPrayer, Witness, Time and SpeechCol. 4:2–6Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/07/2013 AMThe Lord’s PrayerMatt. 6:9–15Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/07/2013 AMThe Lord’s PrayerMatt. 6:9–13Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/07/2013 PMServants and MastersCol. 3:22–4:1Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/07/2013 AMCharitable Giving, Prayer & FastingMatt. 6:1–8, 16–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/07/2013 PMTwo ReligionsGen. 4v1-16Daniel NeadesDOWNLOAD
30/06/2013 AMRighteous LivingMatt. 5:33–48Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
30/06/2013 PMFamily LifeCol. 3:18–21Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
23/06/2013 PMPut On Part 2Col. 3:16–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
23/06/2013 AMI Say Unto YouMatt. 5:21–32Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/06/2013 AMSalt, Light and RighteousnessMatt. 5:13–20Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
16/06/2013 PMPut On Part 1Col. 3:12–15Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/06/2013 AMThe Sermon on the Mount 2Matt. 5:7–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/06/2013 PMPut OffCol. 3:1–11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/06/2013 PMErrors to AvoidCol. 2:11–25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
02/06/2013 AMThe Sermon on the Mount 1Matt. 5:1–6Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
26/05/2013 PMThree JourneysRuth 1Stephen ElseDOWNLOAD
19/05/2013 amActs 2:1–13Acts 2:1–13Colin GriffithsDOWNLOAD
19/05/2013 pmHebrews 11:32–12:3Hebrews 11:32–12:3Colin GriffithsDOWNLOAD
12/05/2013 amLuke 23:50–24:12Luke 23:50–24:12Colin GriffithsDOWNLOAD
12/05/2013 pmEsther 23:50–24:12Est. 23:50–24:12Colin GriffithsDOWNLOAD
05/05/2013 amJesus’ Public Ministry Begins Part 2Matt. 4:12–25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
05/05/2013 pmErrors to AvoidCol. 2:1–10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/04/2013 amJesus’ Public Ministry Begins Part 1Matt. 4:12–25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
28/04/2013 pmPaul’s MinistryCol. 1:23–29Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/04/2013 amThe Temptation of JesusMatt. 4:1–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/04/2013 pmSix Truths About JesusCol. 1:13–22Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/04/2013 amThe Baptism of JesusMatt. 3:13–37Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/04/2013 pmThe Nature of SalvationCol. 1Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/04/2013 amThe Way Is PreparedMatt. 3:1–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
31/03/2013 amA Life Changing WalkLuke 24:13–34Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/03/2013 amThe Wise MenMatt. 2:21–23Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
24/03/2013 pmPrayerCol. 1:9–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
17/03/2013 amThe Birth of JesusMatt. 1:18–25Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
17/03/2013 pmWhat Were the Colossians LikeCol. 1:3–12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/03/2013 amIntroduction to the Gospel of MatthewMatt. 1:1:1–17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/03/2013 pmIntroduction to ColossiansCol. 1:1–3Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/03/2013 amRepentanceEzr. 10Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
03/03/2013 pmConclusion of JeremiahJeremiahPhil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
10/02/2013 pmNew ClothesVariousDaniel NeadesDOWNLOAD
10/02/2013 amFear2 Timothy v1-7Ian DavidsonDOWNLOAD
06/01/2013 amEzra Ch4 TemptationEzra 4 v4-24Phil LobaoDOWNLOAD
30/12/2012 amEzra Ch4 TemptationEzra 4 v1-3Phil LobaoDOWNLOAD
23/12/2012 amEzra Ch3 Four Characteristics of a Godly PeopleEzra Ch3Phil LobaoDOWNLOAD
16/12/2012 amEzra Ch2 The ReturneesEzra Ch2Phil LobaoDOWNLOAD
09/12/2012 amEzra Ch1 Introduction and the decreeEzra Ch1Phil LobaoDOWNLOAD
18/11/2012 amPrinciples for Christan LivingHebrews v1-6Phil LobaoDOWNLOAD
04/11/2012 amHarvest SongPsalm 104Dyfan WilliamsDOWNLOAD
21/10/2012 amChasteningHebrews 12 v5-17Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
21/10/2012 pmJeremiah Buys A FieldJerremiah 32 v1-44Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/10/2012 amRunning the RaceHebrews12 v1-4Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
14/10/2012 pmThe New CovenantJeremiah 31 v31-34Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/10/2012 amFaith CopesHebrews 11 v17-40Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
07/10/2012 pmEncouragementJeremiah 29 v10-11Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/09/2012 amLessons from Elijahs departure2 Kings 2v1-12Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
09/09/2012 pmJesus` legacy Pt2Mark16v15+16Phil Lo BaoDOWNLOAD
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