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We are an ordinary group of people from different ethnic groups, walks of life and age groups, united by a common faith in our Lord Jesus Christ`s death and resurrection.

We are an Independent Evangelical Church.

A Church - because we are a group of Christians who gather together to praise and worship God. Evangelical - because we believe in the good news that men and women may be brought into an eternal relationship with God through trusting in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Independent - because we are free of denominational or any other outside control. We do not support the Ecumenical Movement, but we enjoy links with other Bible based churches on the Island and further afield.

We are a Reformed Church.

We believe in the teaching of the Bible sometimes called the "doctrines of grace" or Calvinism. These are summarized in the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. www.founders.org.

We believe that our responsibility is to tell everyone that forgiveness of sin and an eternal relationship with God comes by faith in Jesus Christ alone, not by anything we are or can do.

We are not a "Charismatic" Church because we believe that the Bible is complete. Therefore, there are no longer Prophets & Apostles and the gifts God once used to speak to people, such as prophecy and tongues, have ceased. But we most certainly believe in the vital ministry of the Holy Spirit and recognise it is by His working in us that spiritual progress will come.

We are a Baptist Church.

We believe that when someone has come to a personal faith in Jesus Christ they should publically declare that by being obedient to Jesus command and being baptized by total immersion to symbolize their union with Christ.

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